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SMS for your business. Now Available On The Nextiva App.

Work From Anywhere

Working today is rarely limited to an office. We need to stay connected when traveling, commuting, and working from home. The Nextiva App, included in the Business Communication Suite, enables complete mobility for your Nextiva phone service.

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Work Anywhere

Feature Flexibility

Business Desk Phone Optional


Make and receive calls on your computer or mobile phone. The Nextiva App keeps you connected when you’re away from your office phone - or replaces your desk phone all together.

Conferencing & Collaboration

Convenient Collaboration


In addition to phone calls, the Nextiva App is loaded with collaboration tools to keep you connected to your colleagues and customers from any location. Conduct video conferences with screen-sharing from any computer or laptop. Plus, chat in real time with coworkers and teams using our instant messaging, chatroom, and SMS features on your mobile phone.

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Swap Devices Like Ninja

Call Pulling

Swap Devices Like a Ninja


One of the great features of the app is the ability to seamlessly swap devices. Need to leave your office in the middle of an important call? Transfer the call to your cell phone and keep talking without missing a beat. Or vice versa, if you arrive at your office and want to transfer from cell to desk phone - now you can.

Features That Make Staying Connected Easy


Auto Attendant

An automated greeting picks up every phone call and directs clients to the person or department they’re looking for, so your employees are always within reach.

Nuavox App

With flawless phone service that syncs from every device, the app allows you to do everything you can do from a computer while you’re on the go.

Text Messaging

Unlimited business texting from one platform makes it simple to text groups, teams, departments, or even customers.

Unlimited Calling

Reach anyone, anywhere, whenever you need to, with unlimited calling with your Nextiva small business phone service plan.

Call Queuing

A professional high-tech phone system keeps all your callers on the line to help you provide the best customer service out there.

Voicemail to Email

Have all your voicemails sent to your phone as emails, so that you never miss a beat.