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Use Live Chat to give your customers faster service, boost overall efficiency, and solve customer issues quickly.

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Great For Customer

Real Talk In Real Time


When customers have quick questions - and want quick answers - customers not only prefer live chat, but have come to expect it. 77% of customers say they shopping experience positively influenced their attitude about the retailer.

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Great For Productivity

Help More People With Less Effort


The Power Of Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow agents to type commonly sent messages with just a couple keystrokes. This saves them from having to type out the same sentences over and over again, while also ensuring consistent and typo-free messages.

Why They’ll Love it

Agents love this feature, but it’s an even bigger win for your customers and your business. Shortcuts enable you to help more customers in less time. Everybody wins.

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Great For Business

Offer Help Proactively


Be There When They Need You

Some customers are hesitant to contact businesses for help, even when they need it, which can be damaging to their experience. Proactive Chat lets you reach out to them when they need it the most.

Automatically Save the Day

Add Proactive Chat to specific website pages, or set them to trigger after a visitor has spent a certain length of time on a page. Be proactive about rescuing your customers.